Do a JELL-O Brain Dissection


Learning Objective: To identify major parts of the brain.

One of the coolest plastic molds for JELL-O I have seen thus far that looks somewhat realistic is that of a human brain. You can purchase one online. I bought mine on Amazon. You can also find excellent recipes online  for making the brain on various cooking sites as shown at the website address given below.

A few key tips for making the brain include spraying the mold with nonstick cooking spray before adding gelatin so that the brain comes out cleanly when ready. Also, it is important to place the mold upside down in a bowl in the refrigerator so that it does not tip over as the gelatin hardens.  

 Using a diagram of the brain, have learners identify the sulci and gyri (grooves and bumps) in addition to the locations of the major lobes. Have them slice the brain into left and right cerebral hemispheres to perform a simple dissection as future brain surgeons of tomorrow. 

There are so many usages of this JELL-O brain including educational purposes, parties, brain demos, and more. I dare you to eat this one!


Recipe for JELL-O Brain

Images of Brain Lobes 


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