Make a 3D JELL-O Animal Cell



Learning Objective: To learn the parts of the cell by creating a model.

Want a hands-on activity for learning the parts of the cell? Make a model cell using JELL-O.

A light-colored JELL-O can be set in a bowl or clear ziplock gallon bag. When using a bowl, place various edible and tasty food items that resemble cell structures on top of the gelatin after it solidifies (see links for suggested items). For a bag, the cell parts can be included before the gelatin solidifies. 

Going through the process of learning cell parts by associating them with a food can aid the learning process. Next steps can involve learning the functions of these structures and applying this knowledge in a useful context. 

In addition to serving as a model, the great thing about these cells is that depending on the food they are made up of, they can last for several days in a refrigerator and be eaten if edible. Yummy.


JELL-O Enchanted Learning Craft

JELL-O Animal Cell-BioEyes

Building a Cell You Can Eat-Northern Arizona University 


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