Design a Balloon-Powered Lego Car


Learning Objective: To design a balloon-powered Lego car.

This project requires just a few common materials, including Legos, straws, balloons, and tape. The car can be designed in any manner, however, it must accommodate a straw with a balloon attached. The balloon must be attached by tape or rubber bands so as not to let air escape.

When you blow up the balloon and let it deflate, this creates a backwards force that pushes the car forwards (AKA thrust). Thus, not only does this project involve engineering design, but also concepts in the physical sciences.

You can create balloon-powered vehicles out of many materials including cardboard, straws, plastic water bottles and more. Instructions for how to create one with a water bottle are featured through the link below.

Go Emmet go!


Four Wheel Balloon Car (PBS Kids)


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