Do Real Science Outside of the Laboratory

IMG00020-20100924-1236Learning Objective: To analyze scientific data as a volunteer scientist online.

Would you like to make a difference in the scientific community?  Anyone can be a citizen scientist by analyzing authentic scientific data online.

How does this work? Scientists deposit their large data sets collected in the laboratory, the field or other setting on Zooniverse and request help from the public to analyze this data. After completing a brief tutorial, any citizen is well on their way to making an important contribution.

Topics range from space and climate science, to biology, and physics. Right now some research in which you can participate includes examining the moon’s surface, targeting cancer cells, finding spot explosions on the sun, and identifying species of organisms that live on the ocean floor.

The usages of Zooniverse are numerous. From personal interest to classroom activities in particular topics within STEM education, this is a unique 21st century way to do science.




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