Go Stargazing Tonight


“A Rose Made of Galaxies Highlights Hubble’s 21st Anniversary”

Source: Hubblesite.org

Learning Objective: To observe and identify various constituents of the night sky. 

There is just something magical and majestic about the night sky; the magnificence of the moon, stars and planets are hard to describe in words. Our vantage point, the Earth,  is just a mere speck in the vast universe.

Over the years our admiration with space contributed to several advances from walking on the moon in the 1960’s to more recently sending the Curiosity Rover to assess Mars’ capability to host life forms.

You do not need a telescope to appreciate the wonders of space. Free educational apps such as Star Chart and The Night Sky Lite highlight major components of the sky in our areas.

Try one of these and go stargazing tonight.


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