Earth Day Activity: Design Your Own Earthship

Learning Objectives: To design and describe the features of a sustainable house. 

Most of us live in houses and apartments where the living spaces are not sustainable.  What would the ultimate sustainable dwelling place or earthship look like? This activity answers such questions.

First, start by first performing a search with key terms such as “sustainable homes” or “earthship.” Children can use a safe search engine such as Safe Search Kids. Find several reliable sources and use these to develop a list of various attributes that make a home sustainable (e.g. made from recycled or natural materials, uses limited nonrenewable resources, etc.). Next, if money is no object, write in detail the specific features of your own sustainable house.

Make a sketch of this house and label its important attributes. Explain the reasoning behind why you chose this particular design. and how this house is more Earth-friendly than a typical house in your area.

There is a lot of potential to witness creative output in this activity. Students may design homes with solar panels, greenhouses, and more.

Happy Earth Day!


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