Earth Day Activity: Making Observations of Spring


Learning Objective: To be able to observe and describe several changes in nature that occur during Spring. 

An early sign of Spring in some areas is the emergence of crocus flowers. Like many things in nature, they almost seem to magically know when to come up from the ground. Biologically, however, we do know that plants in general sense seasons by the changes that occur in the length of the night throughout the year and the temperature.

In honor of Spring, a hands-on activity can involve making observations in a backyard, park, or around a school building noting changes if you live in an area where there are distinct seasons.  Use a laboratory notebook and divide the pages into three columns, labeled Date, Observations, and Drawings. Complete the table while walking around the area.

Take pictures of interesting phenomena with a cell phone or tablet. Use an app to identify unknown plants or flowers such as Leafsnap from Columbia University. At the end of the adventure, create a digital story of the experience with any of the software described in the link below, and be amazed by the beauty of Spring.

Free Digital Storytelling Tools for Teachers and Students


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