How to Make a Stop Motion Video (Note: Watch the giant Peep quickly get away)

Learning Objective: To demonstrate creativity through technology by making a stop motion video.

Some freak accident happened and the marshmallow Peeps somehow became gigantic and were caught scurrying around inside homes. I snuck up on the bunny in this video before it quickly ran into my closet.

Stop motion video clips such as this one are now easier to make than ever before. This video was created by iMotion which is downloadable as a free app on an iPad or iPhone. The steps to making these clips are relatively straightforward:

1. Create an interesting scene with good lighting.  Prop the iPad in a case or by other means so that it is properly placed to capture the entire set up without being disturbed.

2. Press “new movie” and enter a movie title. Click the hand icon to take pictures manually. Press “start.”

3. Press “capture.” Take a photo after each small movement on the scene.

4. When finished, press “stop” and confirm.  You can slow down or speed up the video using the slider and export to your photo library.

There are many reasons to make a stop-motion video–for fun, educational projects, presentations and more. Maybe you could even catch another stray Peep.


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